Sunday School

Sunday School Calendar

Sunday School – FALL QUARTER 2018

October 7th, Lesson 6 – Noah’s Steadfast Faith, Genesis 6:9b-22
Adult/Young Adult Topic: A Faithful Following
Youth Topic: A Faithful Friend
Children Topic: Faith in Action

October 14th, Lesson 7 – God Is Always Working, Genesis 10:2; 11:10, 27 31-32; 12:1-4
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Constantly Working
Youth Topic: Working Together
Children Topic: A Brighter Future Ahead

October 21st, Lesson 8 – Abraham and Sarah Birth God’s People, Genesis 18:9-15 21:1-7
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Promises Give Hope
Youth Topic: A Promise Kept
Children Topic: Because I’m Happy

October 28th, Lesson 9 – Isaac and Rebekah Continue the Legacy, Genesis 24:12-21, 61-67
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Make a Decision
Youth Topic: Say Yes!
Children Topic: Continuing the Legacy

November 4th, Lesson 10 – A Troubled Birth, Genesis 25:19-34
Adult/Young Adult Topic: A Sibling Rivalry
Youth Topic: All About Me
Children Topic: Brother vs. Brother

November 11th, Lesson 11 – Jacob Receives Isaac’s Blessings, Genesis 27:5-10, 18-19, 21-29
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Deception in the Family
Youth Topic: Deception
Children Topic: Jacob Tricks Isaac

November 18th, Lesson 12 – Jacob Forms A Relationship With God, Genesis 28:10-22
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Finding Strength
Youth Topic: Weak Made Strong
Children Topic: A New Relationship for Jacob

November 25th, Lesson 13 – God Blesses Jacob and Rachel, Genesis 30:22-32, 43
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Amassing Wealth
Youth Topic: More Than Enough
Children Topic: Jacob and Rachel Receive a Special Gift

Sunday School – WINTER QUARTER 2018-2019

December 2nd, Lesson 1 – Love and Devotion, Deuteronomy 6:1-9
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Complete Devotion
Youth Topic: Love of a Lifetime
Children Topic: Being Loving and Devoted

December 9th, Lesson 2 – Choose to Love and Serve God, Joshua 24:1-3, 13-15, 21-24
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Keep Your Promises
Youth Topic: Whom Will You Serve
Children Topic: Choosing to Love

December 16th, Lesson 3 – Love and Worship God, Psalms 103:1-17, 21-22
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Credit Where Credit is Due
Youth Topic: Inspires Gratitude
Children Topic: Worshipping with Thanks

December 23rd, Lesson 4 – Jesus: God’s Loving Promise, Luke 1:26-31; 2:22, 25-35
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Credit Waiting is Rewarded
Youth Topic: Keeping a Promise
Children Topic: A Promise Fulfilled

December 30th, Lesson 5 – Modeling God’s Love, Matthew 25:31-46
Adult/Young Adult Topic: Everyone Matters
Youth Topic: Loving the Marginalized
Children Topic: Loving by Sharing